Jet airways air miles

I’ve emphasised multiple times in the past, that one of the best ways to get yourself a Jet Airways redemption ticket is via Etihad miles , given the miles they charge for the same ticket as compared to Jet Privilege. For instance, a BOM-DEL ticket costs 5660 Etihad Miles as compared to 8500 JetPrivilege miles, and slightly less amount of taxes. Have a look at the redemption chart here.

Now here are some pointers about how to go about redeeming your ticket, and things you should know while redeeming Etihad miles on Jet Airways:

If you can live with the above mention steps, you can sure find some great deals for travel on the Jet Airways network using Etihad miles.

Jet Airways is one of the most punctual airlines I've travelled with. Their exemplary service and top of the class experience is quite satisfying. I travel a lot and the Jet Miles are a great way to get cheaper fares all the time.

Long haul flight from Chennai to Delhi , almost 3 hours in the air. Staff very pleasant and helpful. Good legroom in normal economy. Reasonable back support in the seats.