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Charter Jet One specializes in private jet rental , charter aircraft flights and personalized private aviation programs designed to fit to your needs. Whether you need a   super  midsize jet charter or light jet rental, Charter Jet One has you covered. Experience the best way to travel with our private planes. Learn more about our Private Jet Charter Flights

Charter Jet One offers wonderful private helicopter packages for travelers looking for a quiet flight experience with no interference. Helicopters are a popular charter aircraft for business executives or tourists looking for scenic aerial city tours. Learn more about our Private Helicopter Rental

Charter Jet One is the “ONE” for corporate concierge private jet services and premium catering on your charter aircraft! We know you will love the white glove service from our flight attendants, pilots and crew. Charter a jet with industry-leading customer service and hospitality.  Learn more about our corporate concierge services

We have access to private jets of all sizes, including the most desired executive jets available for charter, so can find the perfect aircraft for any charter requirement. Our experienced private jet charter specialists are there to listen to your needs and can react quickly to present the best options at the most competitive price.

We cater for the most complex travel itineraries and always go out of our way to meet any customised requests from our clients. From aircraft livery to branded cabins, in-flight dining and services through to executive airport transfers. We can do it all.

We have the market expertise to provide you with the best private charter options and our commitment to service means we consistently deliver time and again.

Reach your chosen destination at a time that fits your schedule. Whether you’re flying to the UK, Europe or the USA, we offer private jet charter worldwide and have dedicated aviation consultants on hand 24/7.

Wherever you would like to go. Whether a short hop domestic or European flight to long haul across the world, we can get you there.

We can provide everything from small turboprops to airliners and everything in-between, including business jets and helicopters.

London : +44 (0) 20 8616 8821 (24 hrs)
Miami, USA : +1 (954) 332 3690 (24 hrs)
LA, USA : +1 (818) 855-1536 (24 hrs)
Barcelone, Spain : +34 93 269 2960 (24 hrs)

For more information email one of team or fill out the form and one of our brokers will be in contact with you shortly.

Shy Aviation is a global aircraft charter company, committed to providing an unparalleled, luxury, stylized experience far beyond take off and landing.

What do you look for when chartering a private aircraft? For more than 25 years Private Jet Charter has surpassed our competitors standards, creating a quality of service that is truly unbeatable.

People in the know have relied on Private Jet Charter to provide the highest quality private aircraft hire services for more than 20 years. Be it Jet hire for business meetings, aircraft rental for corporate events, flying private for entertainment purposes or to lease a jet/helicopter for personal travel. Quite simply, we have the experience and ability to make sure you get where you need to be, when you need to be there - in luxury, style and comfort.

Private jet charter services provide convenient and swift access to the business opportunities worldwide, enabling business leaders to make the most of the possibilities provided by globalisation. No corner of the world is too far, no opportunity inaccessible. The vast distances between your business and new opportunities is no longer a factor thanks to Private Jet Charter UK and personal air travel.